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About BitWiden

BitWiden Limited is a crypto trading and mining company incorporated in United Kingdom. We have been in the business of financial advisory for over a decade in which time we have assisted quite a number of blue chip organizations and high net worth individuals with making the right big business/investment decisions.
In forging through with our culture of innovation and believe in investment assets diversification, we have introduced a digital investment platform which is open to all across the world. We have designed a crypto investment module that offers investment opportunity in the fast growing crypto market. We have developed a cutting edge learning algorithm system that applies well proven trading techniques to crypto asset trading and mining and are offering this platform to discerning investors as a low entry investment portfolio with sustained return on investment over a fixed period.

Seamless investment Concept

We make the concept of investing easy and seamless, allowing you to focus and dedicate your precious time in the finer things of life!

fulfill investment goals

We carry a vision that is set to fulfil all your financial goals… from start to finish; we are the firm to trust when it comes to crypto investments!

Wise financial advisory

For over a decade we have provided some of the very best financial advisory, channelled funds and corporations to profitability… we won’t stop now!

Make the wise choice today… invest with BitWiden!

Investment Overview


daily for
40 calendar days

Minimum 20 USD

Maximum 1000 USD

Principal included in daily profit



daily for
60 calendar days

Minimum 1100 USD

Maximum 5000 USD

Principal included in daily profit



daily for
90 calendar days

Minimum 5500 USD

Maximum 200,000 USD

Principal included in daily profit



Daily Profit


Weekly Profit


Total Profit

Our vision

Our vision is to be the best crypto trading and mining investment program providers with unique product offerings and constantly satisfied customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make crypto trading and mining easy, profitable and accessible to everyone across the world.

Crypto Mining and Trading made easy!

We make crypto mining and trading investment easy!

We offer an innovative option with guaranteed profits to crypto investment with our newly launched crypto mining and trading platform. The investment platform was designed in response to the earnings for investors and the perceived gap that exists in today’s crypto mining and trading investment options

Sound investments creates peace of mind

It is our belief that the process of investing in the strong and emerging crypto trading market doesn’t require huge capital outlay or technical knowledge. We have eliminated the need to expand huge capital investment in the purchase of physical mining assets and the encumbering challenge of managing it. We have designed a platform for investment that guarantees a fixed return over a certain period. This platform connects to all major crypto exchanges around the globe, giving you access to diverse investment opportunities with guaranteed and consistent profits.
BitWiden is a long/short term fund investment option, meaning we are positioned to make profits from both rising and falling markets. The ethos of our trade remains "stable returns with minimal risk exposure".

What do we offer?

We offer a one stop shop for profitable crypto mining and trading. Our investment platform offers an investment bouquet set of cryptocurrency trading for the average “joe”. We understand that not everyone can have the time or the grasp of how the crypto market works but we also believe that, this lack of expertise should not pose a hindrance to you taking full advantage of the benefits of crypto investment. Now, that’s why we have designed investment plans with very low barrier of entry and yet consistent profit over a fixed period for all discerning investors to take advantage and grow their portfolio.

This is a passive investment and it does not require trading knowledge or heavy capital investment in physical mining assets such as rigs and the power complement to fully manage them.

We have made crypto mining, trading and investment cost-effective for every average ‘Joe’ with little to no knowledge about blockchain technology.

Save your energy, time and hardware - we have made things easy for you.
Investing is an Art we know too well… you can never go wrong with us!

Product features

Smart investment option

We offer a smart investment option for mining and trading cryptocurrencies. We have eliminated the need for any hardware, power or expertise. The investment structure is smooth, smart and easy. We give you the power to choose from any of the three plans that suit your personality.

Guaranteed interest

On all investment options, the interest and time periods are fixed and all accrued profits are available in your account balance. We make crypto investment seamless with our profit calculator, and advanced web and mobile apps backed by a round the clock 24hrs customer service.

Safe and secure

We a 256-bit encrypted personal database to manage all users information. You can be rest assured that all personal information is secured, safe and fully encrypted to protect your personal and investment data. On the client side, we offer 2 – factor authentication for all users to further protect your account from unauthorized access.

Friendly support

Our platform offers support via different mediums. One of them is via our live chat where our executives are calm and solution oriented, second one from the "Support" page and third via email. Sooner more mediums will be honoured.

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